Heat Stress

Protect your workers from Heat Stress.

Heat stress is a serious issue to some people who might work in all year round high temperatures - for example: bakeries, laundries, mines and foundries. But in the summer months that rise widens to anyone exposed to a hot working environment.

Therefore it is vital to learn how to spot the warning signs when someone is suffering from heat stress.

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What can you do to reduce the risks of heat stress?

It’s important that workplaces reduce the risk of heat stress ever happening. Adhering to a set of working parameters will mitigate that risk. A risk assessment should be made in the relevant workplace, prior to putting any of these working practices into action. The following recommendations refer to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive’ own recommendations as of June 2019. You should consult your own country’s government portal if you are not working in the UK.

  • Control the temperature

    • Change the way you work
    • Use air conditioning or fans to disperse heat away from workers
    • Use physical barriers to dissipate radial heat
  • Reduce work rate

    • Regulate access to hot environment by putting processes in place: working permits, physical barriers and regular rest breaks in cooler conditions all help reduce the risks.
  • Prevent dehydration

    • Workers sweat in hot environments. Sweat must be replaced with cool water. Producing and drinking cool water frequently in small amounts is recommended in all high risk workplaces.
  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

So what can Techniche do?

Techniche is committed to reducing the risk of heat stress in the workplace. Our wearable cooling products are designed to target key areas of the body in order to cool the wearer and reduce the risks of working at high temperature.

The UK’s HSE specifically recommends providing workers with suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Specialised personal protective clothing is available which incorporates, for example, personal cooling systems or breathable fabrics.

Fight heat stress with Techniche

Cool your body with a variety of our wearable cooling products.

  • Head - Target exposed skin with head & neck coolers
  • Body - Target vital organs with cooling vests
  • Wrists - Target major blood flow with wrist wraps