Our Technology

Techniche products are powered by our warming and cooling technologies, giving you protection in extreme environments.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling products with Hyperkewl Plus fabric technology – keeping its wearer cool while reducing the risk of heat stress.

PCM Cooling

Phase change cooling products with Coolpax technology: keeping its wearer cool with targeted temperature cooling, while reducing the risk of heat stress.

Circulatory Cooling

Products with Kewlflow technology: powerful circulatory cooling systems that remove heat from the body, cooling the wearer and reducing the risk of heat stress.

Battery-Powered Warming

Techniche battery-powered heated products use advanced heating elements and battery technology.

Air-Activated Warming

Heatpax™ products are easy to use and a cost effective way to beat the winter chill; keeping you warm from head to toe.